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Delta Travessia PI e MA

State visited: Piaui and Maranhao.

Departure: Port of Tatus.

Duration: Approximately 05 hours.

Departure: Daily.

Timetables: Negotiable.

Camera or camcorder, suncream, hat, sunglasses, light clothing, bath towel and etc.

We conducted a tour of the Parnaíba river and its streams, we pass through diverse landscapes that change every bend of the meandering river. There are some strategic stops: we go to the Morro do Meio (Half of the Hill) for a walk in the grand dunes of Baía do Caju (Cashew Bay) and a delicious dip in the river Parnaíba; also, we pass through the Ilha Grande do Paulino and his ghost town, heritage of a salt that existed since the mid-twentieth century.

In the period from July to December, we reconcile this passage with the flights of the ibises, a spectacle of nature able to leave anyone flabbergasted.
The tour can be done by Tatus to Tutóia, as well by Tutóia to Tatus.


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General conditions

Note 1: Transportation from hotel (agency) to the port of Tatus: Not included (if necessary, ask for prices for the service, we insert in your package).

Note 2: The tour includes the above items;


Note 4: Contact us for the possibility of sighting the flights of the ibises (August to December).

Note 5: All private tours from Clip Ecotourism and Adventure are customizable. Except, replace or add hotels, tours, and transfers at your convenience.

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