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Kite Baía das Canárias

The Day Trip Delta Baía das Canáriasis is a road map of leisure and adventure, held in speedboats, by Delta do Parnaíba (located on the border between the states of Piauí and Maranhão). The trip leaves the port of Tatus and runs through the streams of labyrinths of the Delta do Parnaíba until the encounter with the sea. This point is perfect for kite surfing: a flat water side and the other, waves of up to half a meter, which make the head of the crowd kite wave. Along the way, you can admire rich fauna and flora. On the way back to the port of Tatus we stop at the Ilha das Canárias (Canary Island) to enjoy the regional cuisine (lunch not included).

General conditions

  • Note 1: The crossing can be made from the beach Pedra do Sal, but must be requested rates.
  • Note 2: All private tours from Clip Ecotourism and Adventure are customizable. Except, replace or add hotels, tours, and transfers at your convenience. Note that package does not include drinks and extras.
  • Note 3: Where necessary the projects will be done in 4x4. Otherwise, they will be held in vans or cars Doblô type.

State visited: Piaui and Maranhão.

Departures: Every day.

Time: Negotiable

Screenplay: Tourism and leisure adventure.

Air Transport: Not included (if necessary, ask for prices for the service, we insert in your package).

What to bring: Camera or camcorder, suncream, hat, sunglasses, light clothing, bath towel and etc.

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