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Delta Exclusivo pra Você

Delta Exclusivo pra Você

Visited State: Piauí.

Boarding:Porto dos Tatus or Porto das Barcas

Duration: Approximately 6 hours.

Included: To match.

Schedules: To match.

PARTIES AT THE DELTA – 15 years, Graduation, Wedding, Fraternization and New Year’s Eve.

A new party concept (on board) for demanding people who are always looking for novelty and exclusivity. Have as part of your scenery the most beautiful landscapes of the Delta do Parnaíba. It is an excellent option for those who want a huge differential in special moments. For this, the Camaleão and Gaivota vessels are used. See the photos we separate and travel in this emotion. It is possible to hold day and night parties, graduations, weddings, birthdays, fraternizations, weddings, tour classes and everything else that your imagination allows.

General conditions

Note 1: Only for closed groups.

Note 2: The items to be included will be defined in the contract.

Note 3: All Clip Ecoturismo e Aventura private itineraries are customizable. Delete, replace or add hotels, tours and transfers at your convenience.

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