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Delta Guirindó com Pescaria de Piranha

Delta Guirindó com Pescaria de Piranha

Visited States: Piauí and Maranhão

Boarding: Porto dos Tatus.

Duration: 03h approximately.

Output: Daily.

Daytime: Departure (5h30min) and Return (8h30min).

Night time: Saída (17h30min) e Retorno (20h30min).

What to take: Camera or camcorder, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, light clothes, bath towel and etc. Camera or camcorder, warm clothes (coat, jacket, etc.), water, snack (optional) and repellent.

We started our safari in Porto dos Tatus, a small pier in a riverside community that gives access to the Parnaíba River Delta. There we will start a great adventure that is the sighting of native animals of the Delta.
Through the narrow Igarapé do Guirindó we will enter the Coração do Delta, a place of calm waters, absolute silence and shelter for several species of the rich local fauna. There is a short break to try a very different fishing for the fearsome piranha, a very common fish in the region. A peaceful and safe tour that allows you to experience the habitat of these feared animals.


View the map and know your route!

General Conditions

Note 1: Transport from the hotel (agency) to Porto dos Tatus Not included (if necessary, ask for rates to include the service in your package).

Note 2: Piranha fishing depends on the influence of the tides. Request more information at Clip Ecoturismo e Aventura.

Note 3: Tour not suitable for children under 5 years old.

Note 4: This tour can be done by speedboat or native canoes.

Note 5: All Clip Ecoturismo e Aventura private itineraries are customizable. Delete, replace or add hotels, tours and transfers at your convenience. It is worth mentioning that the package does not include drinks and extras.

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