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Dicas para quem vai fazer a Rota

Tips for those going on the Route

Clip tips for you who are going to do the Route of Emotions.

– From January to March, we recommend wearing a long-sleeved, fine-mesh, repellent t-shirt.

– From July to December, the weather is quite hot and we suggest bringing light clothes and in small quantity.

– It is not necessary to bring sneakers. The ideal is to bring slippers and paper.

– Hats and cloth hats are interesting and, in case you forgot, you can buy them in the local communities!

– During the entire trip you will wear shorts and hardly long pants (if you want to take it, choose a lighter model).

– Women can (and should) abuse the beach outings, as well as being charming and protecting from the sun!

– Sunscreen and sunglasses are indispensable companions throughout the trip!

– If you wear contact lenses, we suggest that you take your glasses to go for walks on the dunes (strong wind can cause discomfort).

– The camera will record the magical moments of your trip, but you must protect it from the sand.

– Do you have binoculars or a diving mask? Take them!

– Currently, airlines do not serve ample meals during the flight, so make sure you have breakfast!

– Do you practice Kite Surfing? So don’t miss the opportunity to sail on the best kite spots in the world and bring your equipment.

– Do you have any treatment or are you allergic to something? We suggest that you bring your medication, as some places on the Route do not have large pharmacies.