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(Português do Brasil) Fortaleza


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The capital of Ceará emerged 275 years ago in a region around the Forte de Nossa Senhora da Assunção, which was built by the Portuguese. The village that gave rise to the fifth largest Brazilian city appeared on the site, with a seafront marked by warm waters and urbanized beaches that offer all comfort to tourists. The landscape features small and rustic rafts used by fishermen from Ceará. Beira-Mar has numerous options of hotels and restaurants and, for those who like shopping, there is a wide variety of local handicrafts in stalls along the coast. The city of Fortaleza also has an architecture that mixes history, modernity and nature. Its infrastructure is modern, efficient and diversified: hotels, bars, restaurants, banks and other services provide tourists with resources to make the most of their visit to the capital of Ceará.

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