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(Português do Brasil) Jericoacoara


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Jericoacoara is the best point for Kite Surf and Wind Surf in Ceará and was elected by the American newspaper The Washington Post as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. It is a paradise that has many attractions: the sunset at the top of the hill; Lagoa do Paraíso, which is close to Praia do Preá and has absolutely transparent waters; and Pedra Furada, the main tourist attraction of the place. Jericoacoara has beautiful inns, delicious cuisine and is not only charming because of its dunes, beaches and lagoons, but also for its peaceful village. It used to be an old fishing village and until today it preserves the dirt streets, the rustic architecture and especially the peace of a city that hides behind huge dunes. The night in Jeri is filled with a lot of forró and regional rhythms and the sun shines there throughout the year.

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