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Pescaria no Delta

Delta fishing

Visited States: Piauí and Maranhão

Boarding: Porto dos Tatus.

Durarion: 08 hours.

Schedules: 06h to 14h.

Outputs: We depend on the tides and the phases of the Moon (New Moon and Crescent Moon).

Tatus – Caju Bay (meeting of the river with the sea)

The Parnaíba Delta presents a scenario of extraordinary natural beauty. The environment is conducive to the practice of fishing tourism in the amateur modality. Leaving Porto dos Tatus, we will take a speedboat towards Baía do Caju (fishing spot). In this tour we will use hand line or rod (typical material of the region) and baits with natural elements (earthworms and etc.) to hook fish, such as hake, bass, coró, Jew and others. On the tour it is possible to stop for a bath and walk in the dunes of Morro do Meio. For the same to be carried out successfully we depend on the tides and the phases of the Moon (New Moon and Crescent Moon).

General Conditions

Note 1: Transport from the hotel (agency) to Porto dos Tatus Not included (if necessary, ask for rates to include the service in your package).


Note 3: 

Note 4: Snack Suggestions (optional): Fruit, juice, water, sandwiches, etc. When requested, we can include a snack in your tour. Consult us for more information.

Note 5: Overflight (Contact us to check availability).

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