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Rota das Emoções Sensacional Slz-For

Sensational Emotions Route Slz-For

12 days and 11 nights / (São Luis to Fortaleza)

São Luís: Transfer IN (regular); São Luís/Sangue/Santo Amaro (private).

Santo Amaro: Tour in 4×4 vehicle to Lagoa da Gaivota, Espigão and Betânia (private)
Santo Amaro/Barreirinhas (private).

Barreirinhas: Speedboat ride along the Rio Prez to Casa de Farinha and Marcelino (private);
4×4 tour to Lagoa Bonita (private);
Speedboat ride along the Preguiças River with a visit to Vassouras, Mandacaru lighthouse and Caburé to Atins (regular).

Atins: Atins/ Caburé – Crossing by Speed Boat (private);
Caburé/ Tutóia in a 4×4 vehicle, passing through Rio Novo and Lagoinha (private);
Tutoia/Parnaíba – Crossing by speedboat Tutóia x Tatus passing through the Igoronhon, Paulino, Caju and Canary Islands. (private).

Parnaíba: Tour to Lagoa do Portinho, beaches of Atalaia, Coqueiro, Maramar, Árvore Penteada to Barra Grande (private).

Barra Grande: Barra Grande/Jericoacoara in a 4×4 vehicle, passing through Camocim, Ilha do Amor, Tatajuba, Duna do Funil and Lago da Torta (private).

Jericoacoara: Off-road tours through the Paraíso, Coração and Pedra Furada lagoons (private);

Jericoacoara/Guajirú: in 4×4 through the beaches of Ceará such as Preá, Icaraí da Amontada, Apiques, Caetano, Baleia, Mundaú (private).

Guajirú: Guajirú/Fortaleza in a 4X4 vehicle along the beaches of Trairi, Lagoinha, Cumbuco and Icaraí (private).

Fortaleza: end of our services.

Accommodation with breakfast: 01 night in São Luís, 01 night in Santo Amaro, 02 nights in Barreirinhas, 01 night in Atins, 01 night in Parnaíba, 01 night in Barra Grande, 03 nights in Jericoacoara and 01 night in Guajirú.

General Conditions:

  • Note 1: All Clip Ecoturismo e Aventura private itineraries are customizable. Delete, replace or add hotels, tours and transfers at your convenience. It is worth mentioning that the package does not include drinks and extras.
  • Note 2: When necessary, the routes will be made in 4×4. Otherwise, they will be carried out in vans or doblô-type cars.
  • Note 3: Travel insurance is included.
  • Visited States: Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão.
  • Outputs: Every day.
  • Guide: Leisure and Adventure Tourism.
  • Air Transport: Not included (if necessary, ask for rates to include the service in your package).
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