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Safari Noturno

Night Safari

Schedules: 18h.

Duration: 3 hours approximately.

Visited State: Piauí.

Guide: Leisure and Adventure Tourism.

Air TransportNot included (if necessary, ask for rates to include the service in your package)

Output: Every day.

What to take: Camera or camcorder, warm clothes (coat, jacket, etc.) and so on.

This unique and unforgettable adventure begins in Porto dos Tatus, where we board a speedboat to travel through the maze of islands in the Delta in search of alligators. The pilot takes the flashlight to the banks of the river seeking to find the eyes that are illuminated and when he finds it, he fixes the light on the alligator and this, in turn, is immediately paralyzed. His eyes turn red with the beam of light and end up giving away his exact position. At this point, we need to be silent so as not to scare them away. The pilot captures the alligator with his bare hands, holding it by the body, and places it aboard the boat for examination. Afterwards, the alligator is returned to its natural environment.

General Conditions:

  1. Transport from the hotel (agency) to Porto dos Tatus: Not included (if necessary, ask for rates to include the service in your package).
  2. Consult us for more information about accommodation in Delta do Parnaíba.
  3. Overflight (Contact us to check availability).
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